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Lisa Feldman Barrett, PhD Cerebrum Podcast | Cerebrum Article
Barrett co-authors “Interoception: The Secret Ingredient,” and discusses the brain’s role in the management of the body’s metabolic “budget.” The authors share new insights from the field, and how this research is blurring fundamental boundaries. Be sure to listen to the companion podcast with Dr. Barrett here.

Illustration by Zoë Van DJik

David Nutt, DM, FRCP, FRCPSYCH, FSB, FMEDSCI Cerebrum Article
New research suggests drugs like psilocybin may help treat neuropsychiatric conditions ranging from depression to opioid addiction. But what do we really know about how psychedelics influence the brain? Read more in “Psychedelics: Weighing the Healing Power,” featuring David Nutt.

Vince Calhoun-Big Data Author

Vince Calhoun, Ph.D. Cerebrum Podcast
Listen as Calhoun discusses his pioneering research and the evolution of a growing field that has enormous potential to have an impact of both mental health and neurodegenerative treatment in “The Promise of Big Data Imaging for Mental Health.”


Cristina Maria Alberini, Ph.D. Q&A
Read about Alberini’s fascination with the neurobiology of memories and her lab’s efforts to learn about early life memory formation in “Our Memories, Our Experiences,” a Q&A with the Alliance member and Dana grantee.


Martha Denckla, M.D. Neuro News Article
Neuroimaging confirms the key role of white matter in reading ability, but the translation of the research to the classroom lags. Find out where the research stands in “Ready to Read” featuring Martha Denckla.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Wendy Suzuki, Ph.D. Secret Science Club Video
Presented by the Secret Science Club, Suzuki hosts the latest virtual Dana Foundation Brain Lecture, “The Astonishing Effects of Exercise on Your Brain.” Stream the video on our Youtube channel.


Abigail Baird, Ph.D. Communicating Brain Science Podcast
Baird joins us to discuss typical adolescent brain development set against the backdrop of a disruptive year, and explores the unexpected challenges and opportunities presented by remote learning in our podcast, “Teen Learning Strategies During Covid-19.”

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Daphna Shohamy, Ph.D. Secret Science Club Video
In this Zoom video edition of the Dana Foundation Brain Lecture, Shohamy presents “Memories, Decision-making, and Motivation,” a close-look at the fundamental relationship between our memories and how we make our decisions.

Members' Views

Alliance Members' research, outreach, and other interests

Nestler smiling
Eric Nestler,
United States
Headshot of Nancy Ip
Nancy Ip,
Grega Repovs portrait
Grega Repovš,
Headshot of DABI member John Byrne
John H. Byrne,
United States
Headshot of DABI member Thomas Insel
Thomas R. Insel,
Untied States
Carol Mason portrait
Carol Ann Mason,
United States

Brain Awareness Week Partner Interviews

Partners share their experience and insights about participating in BAW and year-round public outreach

BAW Partner Testimonial
Roland Pochet, Belgium

BAW Partner Testimonial
Eric Chudler, United States

Earlier BAW Partner Interviews:

Ferhan Essen, Turkey

Rae Nishi, United States

Mara Dierssen, Spain

Marija Heffer, Croatia

Judy Illes, Canada

Roland Pochet, Belgium

In the Lab

Conversations with members about their daily life in the lab and their outside interests

Ewelina Knapska,
Sharona Gordon,
United States
Merab Tsagareli,
Margaret Livingstone,
United States
Harold Bekkering,
The Netherlands
Headshot of DABI member Peter Kalivas
Peter Kalivas,
United States

The Arts of Neuroscientists

Conversations with members about their artistic pursuits

Nicolas Bazan,
United States
Music, literature, wine
and New Orleans.
Stanley C. Froehner,
United States
Digital photography
and Duchenne
Muscular Dystrophy.
Last year, Time Magazine listed DABI member Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D., in its "TIME100 Most Influential People in the World" issue.
Rudolph E. Tanzi,
United States
Music, live performance,
music therapy and
Alzheimer’s disease.