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The Pressure to Perform
Are those who perform before the public—hundreds, thousands, even millions of spectators at a time—at heightened risk of mental illness? It’s complicated.
By Carl Sherman

Migraine: The Road to New Targeted Drugs
The 2021 Brain Prize went to four people whose independent research led to useful treatments for a disorder affecting a billion people.
By Brenda Patoine

Magic of the Mind
After receiving his degree in neurobiology, our author decided to pursue a career as a magician, a profession that requires a unique understanding of how the mind works.
By Daniel Roy

Podcast with Daniel Roy (on Soundcloud)

Brain Trees
A sampling of work by Dana Simmons, Ph.D., a neuroscientist who created works of art from the beauty she saw through the use of microscopy to study autism.
By Bill Glovin



Notable brain science findings

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A few brain science books that have recently caught our eye

Neuroethics Column: False Hope and Deep Pockets

By Philip M. Boffey

Clinical Corner Column: A Conversation Worth Having

By Adam P. Stern, M.D.



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