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The Creative Brain
Brain imaging and behavioral experiments can now examine how
creative thinking works in different contexts and domains.
By Roger Beaty, Ph.D.

Podcast with Roger Beaty (on Soundcloud)

Brains, Bodies, and Social Hierarchies
Does our perception of our social standing impact life expectancy and heart
health? Are there interventions available to develop emotion regulation strategies?
How does low income impact the way the brain functions?
By Keely Muscatell, Ph.D.

Podcast with Keely Muscatell (on Soundcloud)

Social Media & Teens: No Simple Answers
Our author explores the question on every parent’s mind: Is social media
rotting kids’ brains?
By Brenda Patoine

Building a Better Brain Model
Advances in technology have led to the development of organoids and chimeric
models to study the activity of human neurons—and how they communicate
with one another.
By Kayt Sukel



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A few brain science books that have recently caught our eye

Neuroethics Column: The Social Media Conundrum

By Philip M. Boffey



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